I will write YOU a personalised letter, based on a subject / theme you choose (unless you'd like me to decide for you!).

The letter will include: one side of a5 sized paper at least, handwritten with love from me to you.

Please note:

- This letter is not intended to be advice from me to you. Please do not request specific questions or for specific help, as that is not my intention with this product and I am unable to help as much as i'd like to.

- I won't include any specific phrases that you request, but would rather work with a theme or question you have, and create a note that I think would be right for you.

- Please let me know which name you'd like me to refer to you by after or before ordering. I'm also able to write a note for someone you care about as a surprise, but make sure you let me know ASAP!

- Specify which kinda note you'd like from me, and if it isn't on the list, make sure to contact me before or after ordering.

- This is a HANDWRITTEN note, personal to YOU, not printed or reproduced.

- Any parts of the note may not be used for commercial use by you or anyone else. It's supposed to be personal! <3